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EasyCatering.ca is the place to source qualified caterers, manage your event, and ultimately, save money.

Accumulate rewards points for every dollar you spend (one point per dollar spent) with participating caterers on EasyCatering.ca.

Use those points for discounts on your next purchase, to buy more catered meals, venue rentals, gift cards, cooking classes, culinary tours, in-home catering, or any service or menu item provided by those caterers.

You can even donate your points to the Community Meals Project, and help alleviate hunger in the community.


Plan an Event with Catering

EasyCatering.ca makes booking an event with catering simple and rewarding. 1. Find a caterer – browse the caterers in your area, and take a closer look to determine who is most appropriate for your event. Learn more about the caterer by clicking their name, taking a look at their customer reviews, photographs, videos, and compare the services provided, customer reviews, prices, and sample menus. 2 – […]

Manage My Events

Stay on-top of your event details, invite guests, manage locations, manage recurring events, and much more. Click here to get started.

Determine Which Caterer is Best for My Event

Which caterer is best? If you’ve short-listed caterers, but aren’t sure how to make the ultimate decision, this decision-framework may be helpful for you. It considers the three factors most important to a successful catering event: location, food, and service, and assesses each caterer using leading indicators of quality for that service dimension. Easy!

Start Getting Organized, with a Banquet Event Order

Need to get organized before connecting with the caterer? Start planning your event using the Banquet Event Order! Just fill in the blanks, to start structuring your event. When complete, forward the document to your caterer, colleagues, or send it as an RFP, to make sure that you get the best deal on your event.   Easy!  

EasyCatering.ca makes planning and booking an event with catering simple and rewarding.

Through comprehensive event planning tools, planners get to plan more efficient events, negotiate with caterers more effectively, and accumulate valuable rewards points, for their next purchase.

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